"I had my own business at eighteen and it was so wonderful."

Adey Bell has been an Ashland resident on and off for about twelve years. Raised by a father who believed in the ways of the Christian Scientist church and a mother who stayed more in the realm of intellectualism, both being professional musicians, Adey found herself torn between wanting the ways of her father to save her from illness as a small child and her mothers sensibility to get her the medical attention she needed leaving her in a quest for good health for almost thirty years. After conssentually dropping out of high school to pursue a career of cosmetology, Adey began to mold her life as an independent creative person forging her way in the world as only she could do. Adey is now a successful artist, musician, songwriter and spiritual guide amongst other things.  Google Oracle 88 to find out more. Become a Subscribe to CASTBOX!!!



A SoCal native, Mark brings the straight-up story telling told by the people for the people.  Sometimes Mark is animated and conversational, and other times he'll tread more lightly empowering the story teller to allow those stories to come as a flow in a stream of occurring memories.  Either way, C44 Shows are engaging, honest and often times inspiring.  Mark never really knows what's coming. That's where the fun begins. No script. No prep. 

Mark is here to explore ways to eliminate some of the absolutely avoidable suffering and discomfort associated with living amongst seven billion plus relatively ill prepared people who may or may not be on a spinning orb faced with inescapable death and no place to go. C44 Shows are posted the day they are completed which comes to around one every 10ish days. Thank you for listening and please Subscribe to CASTBOX and become part of the family. When a new show is ready, you'll get "pinged" with your NEW show  before anyone else! Set it. Forget it.

Citizen44 with Mark Arinsberg is a Listener Supported Presentation. Thank you so much for this opportunity to present our fellow Citizens and learn new things about others and sometimes ourselves.  HERE TO SERVE



This is the real work that needs to be done in the world.

This is the first show both recorded and aired from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Both Tanya O'Conner and Charlie Hurley have dedicated their lives to the betterment of humankind in a variety of ways including but not limited to education and the healing arts. Through their own self education, hard work and a desire to see the world become a better place fo all especially those who are less fortunate, Tanya and Charlie have taken on the monumental task of giving people a much needed opportunity to live better and feel better about themselves. It was an honor and privilege to have them both on this very special C44 Show. Visit Tanya O'Conner online at  www.celtic-touch.com

Citizen44 with  Mark Arinsberg is a listener supported presentation. Thank you for listening to and supporting the show.


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