Austin Vancampen / Show#75 / Vision

"The tools to do the work is capitalism."

Austin Vancampen shares how he's taken life by the horns and lived it his outside-the-box way while raising twin boys with non-traditional methods thus developing two very unique and highly successful young men who are experiencing life on level most never achieve in a life time at only twenty three years old. Austin's philosophies on life are cause for pause and reflection as he breaks down how we must take advantage of the system of capitalism we have in place and leverage it for the betterment of all mankind. Gary Lundgren checks in after returning from his ten week national movie tour.

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A SoCal native, Mark brings the straight-up story telling told by the people for the people.  Sometimes Mark is animated and conversational, and other times he'll tread more lightly empowering the story teller to allow those stories to come as a flow in a stream of occurring memories.  Either way, C44 Shows are engaging, honest and often times inspiring.  Mark never really knows what's coming. That's where the fun begins. No script. No prep. 

Mark is here to explore ways to eliminate some of the absolutely avoidable suffering and discomfort associated with living amongst seven billion plus relatively ill prepared people who may or may not be on a spinning orb faced with inescapable death and no place to go. C44 Shows are posted the day they are completed which comes to around one every 10ish days. Thank you for listening and please Subscribe to CASTBOX and become part of the family. When a new show is ready, you'll get "pinged" with your NEW show  before anyone else! Set it. Forget it.

Citizen44 with Mark Arinsberg is a Listener Supported Presentation. Thank you so much for this opportunity to present our fellow Citizens and learn new things about others and sometimes ourselves.  HERE TO SERVE


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